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Threat Intelligence Portal.

Easy-to-use web application for your desktop or mobile device to track IP addresses, their cyber threats, and their networks.
Do faster threat identification, detection, and response.

***Musubu is also available as an API.***

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Actionable Intelligence on IPs & Networks

IP Watchlists & Tags

Save IP watchlists to monitor hot cyber threat types and threat levels! Create tag groups to quickly ID IP addresses and their threats!

Map Tags & Watchlists

Instantly send entire watchlists and tag sets to Google Maps!

Clickable Street Address for IPs

See each individual IP on a map and click-to-street address via Google Maps on each page!

Search by Map

Search IPs directly onto Google Maps – complete with threat ratings too!

Export to JSON/CSV

Export any data grid of search results, tags, or Watchlists to CSV or JSON for easy integration with other tools!

Import up to 500 IPs

Upload and search on up to 500 IPs in CSV or JSON format!

Drill Into KnownNetworks® Info

Click into our trademarked IP-to-Network mappings to see more IPs for a given network!

Drill Down to See More Threat Info

See other bad-actor IPs near a given IP, ISP info, and more!

Who Uses MusubuApp

Software Developers

Web Developer

System Administrators

Network Engineers

Cybersecurity Analysts

Cyber Researchers

App Developers

Marketing Firms

Digital Advertisers

Why Use It

Keep MusubuApp Up as You Work to:

Identify Threats to Your Network
Detect Malicious IPs Hitting Your Sites, App, and APIs
Restrict Access Out of Your Network to Bad Sites
Create a Knowledge Base of IP Traffic
Monitor Safety of B2B APIs You Interact With
Routinely Scan Your Endpoints
Alerts Ops Teams to Potential Problems

MusubuApp Features

Query up to 500 IPs
Cyber Threat Profile per IP
Threat Type and Volume Rating
Network of Origin Profile per IP
Network Name and Type
Tag & Share Individual IPs
Create IP Address Notations
Monitor Global IP Trends
Latest Blacklists by Threat Type
See Popular IPs Being Searched
Upload IP List from CSV or JSON
Export IP Data to JSON or CSV
Search IPs and Display on Google Maps
Send Tags and Watchlists to Map Display
Drill-Down into Key Data Fields

Musubu’s Telemetri Feature

The only IP Intelligence Portal that tells you what kind of network the IP address comes from.

Why Users Like It


Simple but Powerful Features


All You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Push-button 3rd Party Integrations


Purely IP & Network-Focused

Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile-Friendly


Highly-Affordable & Effective Tool

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