About Us

***Musubu is also available as an API.***

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IP Address Data for Better Apps.
Cyber Threat Info for Better Cybersecurity.

Musubu is a Japanese word that roughly means “the meaningful confluence of things.” In our case, this works on many levels. Founded by career-long IT entrepreneurs, software developers, intelligence analysts, and cybersecurity specialists, Musubu provides easy-to-use APIs and web applications that let companies get vital data on IP addresses for their apps and sites plus related info on whether or not these IPs have any observed cyber threats associated with them.

Leadership Team

Wayne Wheeles

Founder, cyber threat data expert, chief network analyst, and lead developer.

Greg Hunter

Business development, operations lead, and financial operations.

Chris Gallert

Systems engineer, database lead, and customer support.

Jason Polancich

Marketing lead, lead app designer, and product evangelist.

It’s utility + security, all in one API call.

We serve a wide variety of private sector commercial companies, as well as government defense, intelligence and public service organizations with our low-cost, straightforward web service APIs and end-user web applications.

What can you do with our data? Here are just a few things…

Build Better Apps & Sites

Use our IP data to build mobile apps and sites with things like geolocation.

Improve Cyber Threat Detection

Add our data to your SIEMs and threat portals to quickly detect malicious activity.

Optimize Firewall Performance

Add our data to your firewall to automatically blacklist suspicious IPs immediately.

Improve Digital Marketing Targeting

Optimize ads and content delivery by geolocation and networks.

Perform API and Endpoint Security

Monitor your APIs and network endpoints for threats and affects of cybercrime.

Secure Intranets and Mobile Apps

Control access to URLs accessed by your network users and mobile apps.