Meet Musubu API.

IP Address Data with Built-In Cyber Threat Info.

Get all the IP address data your apps need like geolocation, carrier info, and company. Plus get an overall threat score for each IP along with the type and volume of cyber threats.

Cyber Risk Level:
stateprovTai Po
cityTai Po Kau
ispnameHong Kong Technology Information Limited
network_typeWorldwide Networks
TOR Anonymity Networks
network_groupAll ASN Networks
TOR Node
network_nameAS9381 WTT HK Limited

Sample data showing actual high-threat TOR node IP address

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Top Benefits

Localize Apps & Websites

Easier Threat Detection

Faster Incident Response

Optimized SIEM Usage

Automated Firewall Blocklists

Dynamic Website Defense

Quicker Fraud Detection

Simpler Identity Verification

Our IP API Data


IP Address Data

Get instant geolocation, company, ISP, network, and more by IP Address.


Cyber Threat Data

Get cyber threat info such as malware, bots, phishing, ransomware, and more by IP Address.

Our Data Fields

IP Address

Threat Potential Score

Threat Classification

Blacklist Class

Blacklist Class Count

Blacklist Network Neighbors

Blacklist Observations


State or Province



Zip Code



Timezone Offset

Timezone Name

ISP Name

Network Type

Network Group

Network Name

Musubu’s Known Networks® Feature

The only IP API that tells you what kind of network the IP address comes from

The info you need now. No muss. No fuss.

Our API is quick and simple to use. Build better sites and apps with our IP data. Plus, our built-in security info makes our data a great complement to other tool outputs that really rounds out your cyber threat picture.

How Customers Use Our IP Data API


Personalize Web or Mobile Apps

  • Show tailored content based on user locations.
  • Target ads to specific user locations.
  • Do location-based A/B testing of products and content.
  • Promote hyper-local content and events.
  • Alert users to content and info based on their location.


Control Access to Company Assets

  • Block clients based on malicious network activity.
  • Control access from certain locations (GDPR access control).
  • Identify suspicious activity immediately.
  • Programmatically create blacklists.
  • Block access to restricted content.


Threat Detection & Response

  • Identify and monitor network security events.
  • Reduce response time to cyber threats across networks.
  • Focus on quicker containment and remediation.
  • Instantly alert security personnel to malicious activity.
  • Build a single operational picture across enterprise.


Secure B2B and Consumer APIs

  • Measure and monitor API connection activity.
  • Control or block access to malicious clients and data.
  • Limit access to APIs from certain locations.
  • Inform partners of security threats to their networks.
  • Enhance API features and functions.


Secure Mobile Apps & Web Browsing

  • Alert your users to risky websites.
  • Prevent apps from contacting dangerous APIs.
  • Block potentially malicious file uploads.
  • Control access by location or threat level.
  • Monitor and measure app usage by network and location.


Enrich and Secure Sales CRMs

  • Let sales users know about potentially malicious leads.
  • Map leads by location and usage.
  • Blacklist leads before they hit the CRM.
  • Map customers and leads by technology and location.
  • Eliminate duplicate form submissions.

Use Our FREE Web App

No time to integrate an API? No problem.

Use our FREE web application MusubuApp to query up to 50 IPs at a time. Same accurate API data in an easy-to-use web interface. Just register and sign in to get:

  • Core IP business data like ISP and Network Name
  • Geolocation lat/longs for each IP address
  • Cyber threat level and type of threat per IP address

Use Our Free Web App to Make Your Job Easier

Monitoring your own endpoints or traffic to your vital API web services? Optimizing your firewall or web app blocklists? Keep our web interface up during the day to check suspicious client IPs:

  • Click to blacklist more IPs nearby and drill into ISP, Networks, more.
  • See IPs by cyber threat types (e.g. Phishing, TOR, botnets, etc.)
  • Save regular searches and upload CSV sheets of IPs

Deal with Alerts Fast for Better Incident Response

As alerts come in to your cyber threat portal or alert system with suspicious IPs, keep MusubuApp up as you work and pop in the IPs to quickly see where threats are coming from and what to look for when doing mitigation. We organize the data for you simply and efficiently so you can act fast.

Want to see more use cases or learn how others are using our data?

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“Musubu APIs are a great, highly affordable GDPR solution for building quick IP-inspection modules to control access to all our website client sites from outside the U.S. Highly recommend it for mobile app development too where geolocation plays a big role.”
Jason Polancich
Owner, VandalsSmile Digital Marketing
“The Musubu tool has been a great asset to our company and clients. It allows us to quickly filter out non-actionable [false positive] entities and focus on the true threats to the organization, hence increasing our efficiency and responsiveness to our clients.”
Stan Blanton
CTO, @Risk Technologies
“Musubu integration with our SIEM reduces time to action by as much as 25% relying on proofed information. Our cybersecurity threat hunters are able to action security events with a higher degree of confidence and focus more on containment and mitigation actions rather than context building activities.”
A prominent Michigan-based healthcare system

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