Musubu partners with leading cybersecurity vendors to deliver our IP & network threat data right into their products for your ease of use.

***Musubu is also available as an API.***

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Use Musubu’s unique IP & Network cyber threat scoring and profiling API right in your Splunk instance to determine the following for each IP:

  • Cyber Threat Score: A 0-100 rating of how much of a cyber threat the IP may be based on the output of our analytics and algorithms.
  • Cyber Threat Classification: High-Medium-Nuisance-Low rating of an IPs cyber threat potential for quick identification.
  • Blacklist Class: The predominant cyber threat vector seen as associated with the IP address (e.g. Phishing, Ransomware, TOR, etc.).
  • Blacklist Count: The number of major IP blacklisting services that have blacklisted the IP address.
  • Blacklist Neighbors: The number of other IP addresses in the same subnet that have been blacklisted.
  • Blacklist Count: The number of times in the last 90 days the IP address has been blacklisted.

Simply add one or more data sources to the Musubu Add-on and then you will be able to mouse over each IP address to see our threat profiling data. Use it to perform faster threat detection, threat identification, response, and mitigation.

Leverage the “showipthreatdata” custom command within the add-on to make direct calls to the Musubu API from the Splunk search view.

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Musubu for Swimlane

Coming soon!

Musubu for Cybersponse

Coming soon!

Threat Intelligence Portal (TIP)

Musubu for ThreatQ

Coming soon!


Website Frameworks

IP Threat Blocker WAF by Musubu

NEW! Using Musubu’s uniquely powerful and accurate cyber threat scoring and threat typing by IP address, website owners and developers can automatically block any high-scoring or malicious traffic from reaching their websites, thus drastically lowering their chances of cyber attack, data theft or breach, or malware infection. Once installed, users see the threat ratings of all IPs hitting their site and can choose to automatically or manually block them from access. Users can also drill into the full set of details on any IP address via the plugins link to the free version of our popular MusubuApp IP & Network Threat Intelligence portal. That’s a lot of protection for only $20/year.

Simply install the plugin from the WordPress plugin marketplace or (where you can also purchase your API key). Or just click “Add to Cart” below.

Threat & Fraud Blocker for Shopify

Coming Soon! We’re integrating our powerful IP and network threat detection API info Shopify, one of the web’s fastest-growing eCommerce web frameworks. In addition to functioning as a web application firewall automatically blocking high-threat IP addresses from ever reaching your digital store, we’re also using it to help you identify and stop fraudulent transactions on your site. 

Threat Blocker for Squarespace

Coming Soon! Squarespace is one of the easiest, most-streamlined website builder frameworks in use today for individual site owners and marketing agencies alike. Now, with Musubu’s soon-to-be-released Cyber Threat Blocker App for Squarespace, their customers can install our plugin and stop malicious connections carrying things like Ransomware, Spam, Spamdexing, Phishing, and Malware from hitting their sites. Our plugin works 24/7 and is fully automatic – no tending required.